Week number: Particles

So this week the team accidentally dropped a crapload of particles on the SVN, and this happened. Things are a little bit choppy, Started doing some initial profiling, figuring out where the bottle necks are. Luckly running at a good framerate most times, it’s just at some crucial points things bog down a bit. Whether those bogged down bits are mistakes we can fix, or mistakes we need to hide in a more clever manner, has yet to be determined. How we’ll handle planet viewing at ship zoom levels when everything is made of particles, well there are quite a few levels of faking we could do there, we’ll see in the next few weeks.

More and more final art and music are getting into the game, looking pretty slick already!

The sprint seems to be ending a bit early again, so we’ll be back in the ‘do what you want to do’ mode that can be equal parts productive and destructive. Last time running out of tasks went reasonably well, we’ll see how that works this time, most likely more optimization and bug fixes, but hopefully some cool big things too.

Not sure if we’ll get to playtesting early this sprint as planned, but it’s almost there, dodging the D-pac and derp monsters seems to be pretty fun already.

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