End of sprint, end of sprinting

So we’ve reached the end of our second sprint on Hello World, and things are definitely starting to shift in pace. Most large systems are in place, physics, valid level generation, Depacifier AI, particles, universe structure, occlusion in planets, resource management, screen management, It’s all there and rock solid.

now we’re getting down to using these systems to make something fun, an easy step to forget. Player movement has been tweaked already, ship ‘catch’ in space will be coming soon. There are quite a few obvious fixes that the team sees in the game currently, glaring issues, but as we go on, these issues will eventually dwindle(hopefully). So this week we’re beginning to playtest, Tuesday with people from Microsoft, Thursday with  fellow students(4PM if anyone reading this is interested). At the end of this next sprint we went all of our mechanics complete, and I don’t think we’re too far off.

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